Riding together for adventure
Tap by tap, flap by flap!

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Weasel&Bird: The Game

Joining forces to achieve a common goal: Stay Alive!

Ride a Woodpecker

Be bold and brave, you must guide our friends through the forest of
evil thorns.

Easy to play

Tap to fly! You only need tap the screen to ride the woodpecker.

Keep away from the thorns

Avoid the evil thorns and get all the apple bonus. Every thorn count and all the apple will get you an extra point.

Game Center Support

Challenge to your friends, share your records.

A true story

The weasel and the bird, an image that became viral in just one week.

A couple of photographers are searching for a snapshot. They had been waiting for hours, dominated by the hot sun and struggling to avoid that the patience wins the battle. Suddenly, when all seems lost, it happens. In gratitude, the bird wanted to do something for the weasel: carry on his back and give her a hight ride. They flew together for viewing the landscape for several minutes. The photographers were attending a unique spectacle of nature. This story sound such a great relationship between two species.

But things are not always what it seems.. the story we have already told here, is not the reality.. this photo reflect the real aspect of the nature. The bird did not carry the weasel for pleasure, he was trying to save his life from the attacks of the weasel, who saw the bird as an easy prey. The weasel pounced on the bird when he was on the ground. The bird reacted by his undeniable animal instinct, hoisting the flight to distabilize the weasel.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The history of weasel& Bird changes depending on how the people tell it. From an image, each person can create a own world and turn these two animals into characters according to the personal taste.

Paula Guerrero

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